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Congratulations to Team Coherent for setting a new Guinness World Records Title! Celebrating World Spreadsheet Day with Tech She Can, championing women in Tech.

Unleash your business logic with Coherent Spark

Give your business and IT teams the ability to build business software together. Unlock value in moments not months.
Coherent Spark

Unlock the value of your business logic

Our no-code solution instantly converts your spreadsheet business logic – such as rules, calculations, or data models of any complexity – into ready-to-use APIs

Transform spreadsheets into ready to integrate APIs

Centralize, secure & audit business logic

Coherent transform automate centralize accelerate

Automate complex modeling, testing & business impact simulation

Accelerate speed to market from months to days or even hours

We power great brands from across the world

“This is so much easier than anything I’ve used in the past. This puts the control in our hands. I’ve been in the business over 35 years, and this is one of the best technologies I’ve ever seen!”
-Stephen Russell, Chief Underwriting Officer, TRUE Property Insurance

No matter your role, Coherent Spark can help you drive value for your business

Accelerate revenue growth

Business teams and executives choose Coherent Spark to significantly boost revenue and projected ROI.

Build better products & services

With Coherent Spark, companies are launching dynamically adjustable products, giving them an edge in a competitive landscape.

Improve collaboration between business & IT

Now your business and IT teams can work together more seamlessly. Our technology will enable your teams to optimize speed and efficiency.

We’re defining the future of logic management

We’re defining the future of logic management

At Coherent, our mission is to ignite the development of business software for coders and non-coders alike.  We help all businesses effortlessly unlock the value of their existing intellectual capital and expertise, empowering them to bring their ideas to life themselves.

Now anyone who can create a spreadsheet can be a software builder: we give our customers ROI in mere moments, not years.

Let us show you how our technology can help you start up, scale up, or transform your business — fast.

Our transformation partners

When it comes to digital transformation, some of the best-known companies in the world leverage the power and speed of Coherent Spark.

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At Coherent, we are always asking, “What’s next?” Check out our resources hub where we share our insights on developing industry and market trends. In our resources hub you’ll find:

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