New year. New products. New look.

The Coherent story goes from strength to strength.

As our name suggests, Coherent is a company obsessed with the art of clear thinking, which is why we’ve reflected on how we tell our story. A lot has happened since we launched in 2018: we’ve developed game-changing platforms and products, we’ve expanded beyond Hong Kong to offices in Singapore, Shanghai and Manila, and we’ve been recognised as one of the world’s most innovative insurtech firms.

But what hasn’t changed is our mission. We’re here to help create a brighter, more inclusive future for insurance. And we want to tell this story loudly and proudly, as our CEO, John Brisco, explains:

“Coherent is committed to solving the insurance industry’s toughest problems. This is a bold mission, and it deserves a suitably bold brand. I’m excited that we get to kick off the new year by sharing our fine-tuned proposition. We’ve got a new look, an enhanced product suite, and a new website. I’m really proud that we now have a brand that embodies our determination to help the industry drastically improve levels of insurance penetration across Asia and the rest of the world.”

Our brand-building process

Over the last two years, we’ve had the privilege of working with more than 20 leading insurers. We wanted to understand their aspirations better, so we worked with global brand specialists MerchantCantos to learn more about their ambitions and frustrations. This research process led to three key insights that have underpinned our brand-building process:

Simplicity reigns supreme

In an industry that can feel locked in by legacy systems, clients are looking to us to cut through complexity with simple, easy-to-integrate solutions

Partnership is paramount

Our clients are unique businesses with unique aspirations. We build close partnerships with insurers, brokers and agents to understand their goals and tailor solutions to meet their precise needs.

Independent to our core

We are not geared towards any one insurance provider, and this is a source of our strength. We continually work to survey the industry to bring the most relevant insights and new technologies to our offering.

Introducing our enhanced product suite

Coherent creates products designed to help insurers, brokers and agents be more competitive, productive and decisive. We’ve made enhancements across our suite to ensure that each product speaks clearly about its purpose and value:

Coherent Product Suit


Product Factory
Supercharge your product development and delivery

Coherent Explainer (formerly Quick Quote) and Coherent Flow (formerly Forms)
Improve your customer experience to drive sales

Coherent Connect (formerly CXelerate)
Talk to your customers on social channels to build long-term engagement

More products will follow in the future, as we pinpoint the areas where insurers, brokers and agents need better technology. Stay in touch and be the first to hear about additions to our family of products.

A bold new identity

Breaking new ground in the insurance industry isn’t an easy task, but it’s a challenge that drives and energises the Coherent team. We set about creating a visual identity that reflects the optimism we feel about our mission.

A brandmark that’s made to move

At the heart of our new visual identity is the Coherent brandmark. And just like our industry, this brandmark is dynamic. It has a ‘power button’ element, which (in its digital form) sparks motion and is always looking to ignite change. It’s fun and full of energy. Just like us.


Coherent Logo


Our new visual identity is inspired by our ambition to ignite positive change across the insurance industry. The Coherent world is a place full of energy, optimism and authenticity.

This is only the beginning

We know that we can’t build a truly inclusive future for insurance overnight. But we’re determined to support our clients as they create a world where everyone can protect the things they care about.

“As an industry, we have to make insurance simpler and more accessible for end-customers. I hope Coherent’s new brand sends a clear message: we are rising to this challenge, and we’re doing this from a place of courage and optimism.”

John Brisco

We’re excited about our mission, but we can’t change the world on our own! If you’d like to share your ideas or questions with us, we’d love to hear from you. And if you’d like to get more news from Coherent in the future, sign up for updates below.

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