Coherent & Snowflake

Convert complex Excel models into SQL functions in minutes

With Coherent Spark, your business teams can directly author Excel-based logic as SQL functions in the Snowflake Data Cloud. You can now deploy models with millions of formulas and cells without any coding. Save hundreds of development-hours and accelerate cloud migration programs with peace of mind.

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Coherent Spark converts
Excel models 
into SQL 
in seconds

Empower business & tech teams to effortlessly build software together

Business users can simply name the input and output ranges in Excel

Upload the Excel file to Spark and convert millions of cells into SQL functions in minutes

Securely publish business-defined logic in Snowflake – your data never leaves!

Once that’s done, business teams can update their business logic in Excel as they need and it is seamlessly available in your Snowflake environment.

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Effortlessly increases business agility & reduces time to market

Coherent Spark empowers business teams to build powerful logic with the flexibility of spreadsheets and run it within the Snowflake Data Cloud and dramatically improves speed to market – for results in moments, not months.

Fast deployment


Business users can work in the tool they know and love – Excel, with negligible training needed. Instead of recoding Excel files, business can leverage intellectual capital built up over decades and accelerate their cloud migration and digital transformation programs overnight.

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With enterprise-grade security, users can securely execute their business logic within the Snowflake environment and their data never leaves their instance, significantly reducing organizational risks.

Cost optimization


Coherent Spark lets you centralize business logic from multiple spreadsheets into a cloud-based system for better version control and accountability. With Spark tracking every change and every execution of the Excel logic with corresponding inputs and outputs – your business and IT teams can collaborate and ensure governance and compliance like never before!



At scale, business teams may deal with hundreds of models, tens of thousands of rows of calculations and support tables. Good news: Spark can handle Excel files with millions of formulas and reference cells in minutes and run >100x faster than the original file. You can also easily scale to hundreds of CPUs on your preferred cloud provider.

Our transformation partners

When it comes to digital transformation, some of the best-known companies in the world leverage the power and speed of Coherent Spark.


Key questions. Answered.

Modern APIs and security features integrate with cloud-based CRMs, no-code / low-code platforms and custom-built apps. Connectors and SDKs enable Spark to work with legacy and native apps and mainframe systems.

Spark is supported by world-class architecture and offers multiple deployment options: on-premise, on cloud, or on mobile (online and offline).

From straightforward lookup tables to stochastic modelling, Spark supports all forms and types of product, business and procedural rules. There are no limits to what it can do for you. If you have your rules on a spreadsheet, Spark can convert it into an API.

How does Coherent Spark work with Snowflake?

Set up

Install our Native App in your Snowflake environment and connect it to your private Spark tenant.


Identify the inputs and outputs of your file, and upload it to Spark.


Test the functions via simple select statements.


Extend your existing SQL to use the functions.


Optionally allow business or IT users to update and version the logic directly from Excel.

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