Coherent to Launch Coherent Spark Native Application on Snowflake Marketplace

Coherent Spark to drive speed to market, reduced development and testing time, and improved data-driven outcomes for joint customers.

Tampa, Fla., June 14, 2022— Coherent today announced that it is launching Coherent Spark, an application that will turn an entire Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into a simple, reusable function, natively in the Snowflake Data Cloud. The Coherent Spark application is built using Snowflake’s Native Application Framework, currently in private preview, which enables application developers to build applications using Snowflake core functionalities, globally distribute them on Snowflake Marketplace and deploy them within a customer’s Snowflake account.

Coherent’s partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, is transforming business logic to mobilize the world’s data with Snowflake’s Data Cloud. In turn, joint customers gain increased speed to market, reduced development and testing time, and improved data-driven outcomes — all with enterprise-grade security and scalability.

With Coherent Spark, customers can securely run business logic in the Snowflake Data Cloud with the agility of Excel and no coding involved. Spark instantly converts any Excel workbook into a function that is accessible, fully embedded and secured, and the data never leaves the Snowflake Data Cloud. Spark can compact millions of formulas in minutes to handle even the most complex spreadsheets and helps any enterprise run their logic more than 100 times faster. Spark empowers business and technology teams to own and maintain business logic, driving business results faster and more efficiently.

“Today’s enterprises define their business rules, calculations, and data models in spreadsheets of all kinds and formats, ranging from very simple to very complex,” said John Brisco, CEO and Co-founder of Coherent. “With Coherent Spark, customers can take their own logic they’ve built in Excel and run it directly in the Snowflake Data Cloud in less than a minute. Imagine turning an entire spreadsheet into a function instantaneously. That’s how our customers experience return on investment in moments, not months.”

“By expanding Snowflake Marketplace to include applications that run natively in the Data Cloud, organizations gain faster value, alongside improved security and governance,” said Kieran Kennedy, Head of Snowflake Marketplace. “By globally distributing Coherent Spark on Snowflake Marketplace, joint customers can further streamline the process of converting business logic from Excel spreadsheets to mobilize data in the service of their enterprise.”  

About Coherent

Coherent is a global software-as-a-service (SaaS) company redefining how business and IT teams build software together. Most companies run critical business operations on hundreds of spreadsheets. Additionally, they spend billions globally on IT budgets to recode the business logic inside spreadsheets to add connectivity to other applications, auditability, and cloud scalability. Coherent’s core technology, Spark, is a no-code SaaS platform that makes building business software as fast, approachable, and cost-effective as using Excel. Create your first Spark Logic Function from your existing Excel rules, formulas, and data models in minutes and make it available on the cloud to connect with any modern application. Then supercharge it by adding deep version control, automated testing, and parallel simulation capabilities.

See how easy it is to connect your business expertise to your IT systems and teams by unleashing the power of Excel with Coherent Spark. For more information visit:

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