Coherent for Banking

Unlock operational excellence by attacking custom processes and tools that are impacting your customer experience and jaws ratio

With Coherent Spark you can enable rapid flexibility to change your business & regulatory rules, calculations and logic that feed your E2E processes and customer experience.

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Elevate your customer experience to scale revenue growth

What if you could drive downstream benefits by unlocking value within your existing assets? Streamline your onboarding process to enhance customer experience, product offerings, and modelling or process speed with Coherent Spark.

Where Coherent Spark can help across Banking

Retail banking

  • Accelerated customer onboarding
  • Credit risk evaluation and scoring
  • Loyalty based pricing

Corporate banking

  • Pricing models and STP
  • Securitization portfolio risk modelling
  • Trade model calculations
  • Credit risk modelling
  • Accelerated customer onboarding

Banking as a service

  • Quick loan offer
  • Loyalty and rewards programs
  • Working capital financing

Wealth management

  • Portfolio advisory simulations and tools
  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Margin servicing
  • Financial needs simulations
  • Tax impact analysis and simulation

Overcome common Banking challenges with Coherent Spark

Data governance & management

Spark can separate model management from execution and data.

Slower time to market and higher TCO to replace Excel

Spark enables simple execution through Excel add-ons or via a web interface.

Higher operational risk to manage Excel models

Spark enables centralized execution control with auditability features.

Excel increases governance risk

Spark is an enterprise-grade platform with full logging of execution runs.

Get a head start on ESG compliance & reporting
Spark allows you to extract relevant information and update your ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) models easily on Excel.
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Boost control & governance within EUC
Spark’s strong audit capability for re-runs and data validation helps you manage EUC (End User Computing) business models and run extensive tests across different scenarios.
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Manage complex financial models directly from Excel
Spark empowers you to effectively control and manage your complex financial models on Excel with seamless and secure integration to your cloud systems.
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Manage risk models securely
Spark manages risk models securely on a central control environment to facilitate speedy model validations and reporting through strong audit and testing capabilities.
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Coherent Spark accelerates speed to market for TRUE

We’re defining the future of logic management

Learn how TRUE was able to launch a sophisticated rate plan 6x faster with Coherent Spark

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