Coming Soon: The Actuarial Toolkit

Accelerating Speed to Market for Property & Casualty Insurance Carriers

Property and casualty insurance Underwriters often use actuarial tools programmed into Excel to develop losses for large commercial accounts. Actuaries and other analytics personnel often use Excel to build models for scoring claims based on their attributes. 

Coherent Spark enables insurance carriers to expose these calculations via an application programming interface (API) endpoint that Guidewire can call. This Excel-to-API conversion eliminates the re-keying of claims and policy data—reducing manual effort, eliminating mistakes, and achieving results faster than ever.

Coherent works with Guidewire to bring you the Actuarial Toolkit - Coming Soon

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Coherent Spark is the core technology that powers the Actuarial Toolkit. Spark converts business logic from any XLS file into APIs—for seamless integration into the Guidewire ecosystem.

How it works: All you need to know is Excel

Step 1


Build rules in Excel—any format, any level of complexity

Step 2


Tag inputs and corresponding outputs within the XLS file

Step 3


Upload your model to Spark

Step 4


Run your model in the cloud and get results. Spark generates application programming interfaces (APIs).

Step 5


Analyze the output at scale

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