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Rewriting the Tale of Two Banks

In this eBook, we unpack some of the challenges both traditional and Neo-banks are facing regarding acquiring and onboarding new customers. We also share how Coherent Spark can empower these banks’ non-technical users to build impactful technology to help bridge these gaps.

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By reading this eBook, you will learn:

  • Challenges that Neo-banks & traditional banks are facing
  • How smart, digital electronic form (e-form) facilitates easier banking processes
  • How Coherent Spark can empower non-technical users to build impactful technology and divert IT talents to more strategic digital transformation projects

More about this eBook

Even though Neo-banks are fast gaining popularity as they offer easier banking processes than traditional banks, like smart, digital electronic forms (e-forms), both parties still struggle to keep pace with evolving customer expectations. Challenges usually arise when financial experts need to work alongside developers to create digital experiences, which can result in lengthy project timelines with frequent iterations, and also opens the process to human error.

Read this eBook by Jay Lee, R&D analyst, Coherent Spark, Isabel Feliciano-Wendleken, Chief of Staff to the Global CEO, and Allan Wong, Head of R&D, Coherent Spark to learn more.

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