Success story: How do you drive sales conversion amongst thousands of employees?

We recently had the opportunity to help a large insurer in Southeast Asia solve an ongoing problem: it wanted its own employees to take up more add-ons and top-ups to their own death benefit policy to increase internal adoption and help employees to increase their coverage during COVID-19. The insurer found that its employees were unenthusiastic as they found the process slow and the programme unscalable, mainly due to the fact that employees had to speak to agents and complete the paperwork in-person. With an objective to improve the conversion rate (CVR) of approx. 10%, the Coherent team took on this challenge and created a solution using the Coherent Connect platform that allowed the insurer to reach out to its employees and engage with them more easily. How we make it work: Engage your employees and drive sales conversion through the platform they’re most active on Our team created a campaign using Connect to share the employee top-up offer to a small, randomised group of eligible employees. The employees were first sent an SMS with a link, which opens up in the employees’ Facebook Messenger with the top-up offer and add-on options for additional hospital income or critical illness products. The employee then selects an option, enters their employee number, and the benefit is directly applied to their policy. This is a much simpler process than the previous in-person paperwork that employees had to complete with an agent. The Facebook Messenger-led campaign allows for a much wider audience to be reached instantly and effectively.
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We worked in close collaboration with the insurer to build the flow of the campaign: from journey mapping, creative and messaging, to the verification process and how the offer would be applied. Facebook Messenger has proven to be an extremely effective channel due to the high usage of this platform in the region, as well as the more engaging and personal campaign formats that are available. The results from the campaign were very positive, with a CVR of approx. 14%.

This uplift shows the efficacy of this method, even with a limited sample size. Wider feedback was also very positive and constructive, including a preference for products with dependent benefits as well as a call for more prompts at certain points of the online journey.

Total conversion

Next steps: Company-wide roll-out with omni-channel strategy

Following the success of this campaign, we will continue to work on expanding and rolling out to thousands of employees. A use case is also being developed for an omni-channel flow to drive offline traffic onto digital channels. The Connect solution created a new channel for sales that did not exist previously in this leading insurer, allowing it to reach their employees in a more personal way on their favourite messaging platform.

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Krista Zamboldi

Global Marketing Lead

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