Success story: How do you help customers better understand their retirement gap in a more fun and engaging way?

As a leading provider of retirement solutions, Sun Life recognises that the concept of retirement journey planning is often confusing and daunting for many people. They want to create an experience to help their clients and members better understand their gaps and prepare for their retirement.

Based on our platform, Coherent Explainer, we helped Sun Life launch a Retirement Calculator in the Hong Kong market. The purpose of the tool was for clients and members to better understand how to achieve their retirement goals while taking into consideration, macroeconomic factors such as inflation and compound interest in a dynamic and visual way.

The fundamental features of the Explainer platform such as interactive illustrations, easy-to-use UX, and instant quote calculations are all fully adapted and displayed through Sun Life’s Retirement Calculator. With its calculations logic and rules powered by our core proprietary technology, Spark, the Calculator’s fun illustrations, tooltips, clear explanations, and instant calculations made the Calculator a great success.

Retirement calculator - step 1
Retirement calculator - step 2

Helping clients reach their retirement goals every step of the way

The Calculator proved popular with both advisors and clients, leading Coherent to help Sun Life develop a Retirement Journey Planner as a second phase of the overall retirement project. The Retirement Journey Planner went one step further to educate and guide clients by enabling member sign-in, where members can log their Calculator results and track their progress towards fulfilling their retirement goal.

The Retirement Journey Planner also served as a valuable tool for Sun Life to introduce their products to clients and members, who can easily speak to a Sun Life advisor should they have any questions.

Retirement Journey Planner - Member Sign in
Retirement Journey Planner - Summary
The Coherent team worked in close collaboration with Sun Life, leveraging our actuarial, design and technical teams to design a unique journey and experience for customers and advisors to engage with.
“Coherent was instrumental in the co-creation of our Retirement tools from inception to launch. We leveraged the Coherent technology stack and customised this for a unique Retirement Calculator and Retirement Journey Planner. With Coherent’s interdisciplinary team of actuarial, technical and design talent, we worked together with them to create something truly engaging, and to bring the best support to our clients to realise their retirement dream.” Haymans Fung, Chief Marketing and Digital Officer, Sun Life
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Krista Zamboldi

Global Marketing Lead

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