Success story: How do you increase engagement with current customers and also reach new prospects?

During the past year it has been more difficult for insurers to effectively connect with customers. Insurers and insurtech companies therefore, need to think outside the box to create engaging products and campaign delivery methods. We recently had the opportunity to do just this, using Coherent Connect to help AIA Indonesia with their Buy One, Love One campaign.

The purpose of this campaign was to create connections with customers and their loved ones. This was accomplished by promoting an affordable premium to customers, who can share a similar premium to their loved ones once they purchase. The Coherent team created an end-to-end digital journey for AIA, including a microsite, WhatsApp account and campaign workflow managed through Coherent Connect. Not only was this the first fully digital journey for AIA, but we also helped them achieve great results with 86% open rate on WhatsApp.

Our Chief Commercial Officer, Richard Bracken, and Effardy Effendy, Customer Research & Segmentation at AIA, discuss how both our teams worked together successfully at the video below.

Krista Zamboldi

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

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