Where Coherent Spark fits in the “no-code” world

Where Spark fits in the no-code world

The no-code movement has been gaining significant traction in the past 5 years. Seen by many business executives as a way to reduce the bottleneck of IT development and empower regular employees (and many entrepreneurs) to develop bespoke applications without requiring IT involvement.

Many no-code platforms are highlighting the revolutionary nature of drag & drop UI builders, SAAS hosting and accelerated development times. However, the very democratization of development they speak of dates back to 1985. With the release of Microsoft Excel, business users were empowered to develop their own models for working with data and manipulating it with formulas to create rich applications customized to their needs.

The current generation of SAAS no-code application builders born in the mid 2010s has promised people that they too can build the applications of their dreams, with little to no technical knowledge. While this doesn’t mean that a user will not require training and a fundamental systems-thinking mindset to truly unlock value, the promise of truly no-code application development is becoming more real with every round of VC funding in this space.

However, with every application comes additional complications and the need to advance the simple app into a richer experience that performs more calculations and further digitizes business logic. This is where a drag & drop UI can be limited. Rather than being able to express calculations and logic in a purpose-built application like Excel, users are forced to express this logic in new, sometimes cumbersome (and at worst proprietary) ways.

In many cases, the level of complexity becomes too much of a burden and users find themselves unable to achieve their vision without resorting to code to achieve the same nuanced intricacies that they had developed in Excel.

This is where Coherent Spark comes in to play. Taking the original no-code tool, Excel, and allowing users to convert their spreadsheets into running APIs empowers them to integrate into modern, no-code SAAS platforms. This allows them to move the needle in terms of realising their development ideas and reduces the amount of time taken to develop an application.

Coherent Spark allows users to leverage skills they have already learnt and doesn’t lock them in to a single application, as integrations can work with any no-code platform they wish to use.

For IT departments operating in a no-code world, these benefits can be extended to developing rich sets of APIs that business users can leverage across the organization. Instead of making point-to-point integrations, a library of reusable, governed and auditable assets can be maintained in a future-ready way.

For entrepreneurs and side-gig hustlers, Coherent Spark allows you to couple modern no-code tools with skills that can be acquired quickly, either through self-paced training online, or through hiring of a common skillset, to allow you to take your applications to the next level and unlock increased benefits without the need for costly development resources.

Coherent Spark is the missing piece of the puzzle for the no-code development model. Leveraging decades of refined business user skills and unleashing this power in a managed way to the next generation of business applications.

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