Aaron Cree


Managing Director, Philippines

Aaron is Coherent’s Managing Director in the Philippines, leading the Philippines development team to advance Coherent’s technical capacity cloud capabilities and expansion into the Philippine market and the region.

Aaron brings extensive experience in e-commerce and digital transformation, including his most recent leadership role at AXA as Head of Digital and Agile Enablement for AXA Asia Group. 

Aaron’s considerable e-commerce background and wide-ranging digital transformation experience naturally converged in his previous role in Betsson Group as Manager of Development where he led the transformation of a monolithic, aging architecture into a micro-service ecosystem by establishing agile processes, transparency, cross-functional teams, and introducing new technologies and frameworks.

A digital advocate, Aaron promotes empathy, inclusiveness, transparency, scalability, automation, reusability, and customer-centric values to the forefront of delivery and innovative digital transformation, utilising and creating innovative technologies, and applying adaptive methodologies including agile and design-thinking.

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