Allan Wong


Head of R&D, Coherent Spark

Allan plays dual roles as the Head of R&D for Spark, Coherent’s proprietary logic and rules engine, and as a senior member of the Actuarial team leading client projects.

Beginning his career at Transamerica, Allan gained over a decade of experience in core actuarial functions, building a foundational understanding of the unique position and potential of insurance. In his last role, he led the Life Model Development team in a multi-year Transformation project involving System Conversion, Governance, and Process Automation. Returning home to Hong Kong, Allan joined RGA Asia Regional for a crash course in Critical Illness pricing and Product Development before a chance product demo brought him to Coherent.

With an insatiable curiosity and collaborative mindset, Allan is focused on helping Coherent’s product managers find innovative and practical ways to use our ever-evolving technological capability. He believes insurance is a noble profession, centered in protecting lives and legacies, and is passionate about expanding access to quality coverage through technology.

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