Liberty Mutual + Coherent Spark

Unlock your team’s potential with Liberty Mutual’s most powerful secret weapon.

Everything you do in Excel just got easier.

Convert spreadsheets into ready-to-integrate code in minutes, not months.

Automate complex Excel models and react to market changes instantly.

Update and launch products faster, without slowing down IT.

Spark in use at Liberty Mutual

We’re currently helping the GRS business unit turn 25 high-priority P&C raters into code. By retiring legacy technology in favor of Spark, the team can run projects and assess risk with blistering speed and accuracy. Coherent also:

  • Converted Excel-based raters into code in less than 1 hour.
  • Accelerated the build of iUnderwrite.
  • Automated codification of risk assessment of major commercial accounts.

Transform your business unit with Spark

With access to Spark, you can use our powerful no-code technology to translate raters for your accounts in minutes, not months. Plus:

  • Run and compare specialty investment models fast.
  • Simplify and secure any Excel-based processes.
  • Drive innovation with lightning-fast product launches.
Frequently Asked Questions

Modern APIs and security features integrate with cloud-based CRMs, no-code / low-code platforms and custom-built apps. Connectors and SDKs enable Coherent Spark to work with legacy and native apps and mainframe systems.

Coherent Spark is supported by world-class architecture and offers multiple deployment options: on-premise, on cloud, or on mobile (online and offline).

From straightforward lookup tables to stochastic modelling, Coherent Spark supports all forms and types of product, business and procedural rules. There are no limits to what it can do for you. If you have your rules on a spreadsheet, Spark can convert it into an API.


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