Transforming Spreadsheets Transforms Business

How Coherent Spark can help Nationwide teams convert, control, and connect spreadsheets

Coherent Spark can quickly and easily converts spreadsheets into APIs, taking your business: 

From  To 
IP knowledge silos  Improved business <> IT collaboration 
Model failures & operator errors  Stability and accuracy 
Lower data quality & performance  Flexibility in integration 
Frequent breaking and errors  Improved business <> IT collaboration 
Compliance risks  Secure & compliant data architecture 

Spark creates APIs that are scalable, repeatable, and powerful.  


Why move away from Excel?

Coherent Spark for:

Life and Retirement

From rapid development and deployment of new products into illustration and administrative systems, adding control and governance within back-office manual processes or simplifying stochastic modeling using a fully scalable API platform, Spark empowers users to continue using Excel for where it is best used, flexibly defining complex business logic, while Spark handles the governance challenges that flexibility brings with it. 

Property and Casualty Insurance

While Spark was tailormade to allow rating engines to be developed in Excel and deployed into a controlled production environment, the Spark platform also simplifies many other problems faced by P&C insurers. Clients can use Excel to develop complex rules configurations without the need for expensive development resources and integrate directly into policy administration systems easily. Many other common calculations within claims or billing systems can now be easily defined in Excel without introducing the added cost and complexity of translating requirements for the development team. 


Spark Industry Use Cases

Customer  Spark Use Case  Implementation 
Pacific Life  Bring an enhanced liquidity-stable value solution with daily pricing for a fixed product to market  Spark used to make external data calls and run calculations in the cloud around pricing, mortality, and interest rates. Data fed to middleware company to drive recordkeeper integration. 
TransAmerica  Transamerica 401(k) Pricing uses Spark as pricing tool for finance and actuarial  Using a Salesforce plug-in, Spark integrates inputs and outputs with field wholesalers and connects APIs to RFP and other internal teams. 
iJoin  iJoin uses Spark to power their new Secure 2.0 lifetime income customer experience platform.  The algorithm was coded in Spark and connects to the front-end customer UI to power key aspects of lifetime income calculations and customer experience in decumulation mode. Spark connects directly with their current legacy platform. 

Scaling Spark

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