Daniel Morgan, Head of Solutions

Daniel Morgan

Head of Solutions

Daniel is our Head of Solutions at Coherent. He oversees the development of Coherent’s innovative product suite.

With a background in management consulting at EY, Daniel became intrigued by the operational and technological inefficiencies in the insurance industry. He started solving these deep-rooted issues when he joined QBE, where he ran IT and business transformation programmes at his last role as Head of Program Delivery for Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Over the past 10 years working across more than 25 countries, Daniel has recognised the systemic challenges facing insurers. Building on this knowledge, he has been able to identify and implement technology solutions that change preconceptions and drive positive change.

Throughout his career, Daniel has heard people say “but we’ve always done it that way”. His mantra is to refuse to accept that things should stay the way they are!

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