John Brisco, CEO and Co-Founder

John Brisco

CEO & Co-founder

John is the leader and co-founder of Coherent. Every day, he works with teams, customers and partners across the world to help unleash business logic into APIs via Coherent’s world-class and unique software.

His movement into entrepreneurship arose from a successful executive career within some of the world’s largest Financial services companies, where he became fascinated around how much business logic was being created in Microsoft Excel to support product planning, processes and financial reporting/planning to enable such businesses to operate. However, the ‘a-ha’ moment he experienced was the challenge, timeline and high cost challenges that were faced within business around translating this logic into the systems that enterprises use on a daily basis.

John and his team created Coherent Spark, the world’s leading logic-as-a-service platform that enables a business or user to turn spreadsheets into enterprise-grade APIs and code instantly. In short, he is proud to have created software ‘purple cow’…..something truly remarkable that creates instant value for anyone, anywhere using the Coherent platform.

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