Want to make the world run faster and smarter? Partner with Coherent and help accelerate the pace of digital transformation for the insurance sector and beyond.

We’re always looking for ways to increase our positive impact on our clients’ operations. Which is why collaboration is in our DNA: it’s by building partnerships and working in networks that we can deliver radical improvements in operational speed, agility and resilience.

How we work with partners

Technology synergies

If you’re developing technology that complements our platforms, we want to hear from you. We’re actively building partnerships that give clients robust, end-to-end solutions and expand the API ecosystem.

Read how our partnership with Unqork’s no-code platform is transforming the insurance application, quoting and underwriting process.

Consulting & SI collaborations

Coherent collaborates with consultants working on digital transformation, systems integration and strategic planning. Our technology empowers consultants to implement radical improvements in operational efficiency for clients.

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Strategic growth

Coherent’s technology has the potential to drive dramatic benefits across multiple sectors – from asset management and banking to non-financial services. If you’re interested in our story of innovation and growth, let us know. 

Read how our partnership with Cathay Innovation and Franklin Templeton is expanding Coherent’s reach and scale.

We are incredibly excited about the opportunities that partnerships will bring to our customers, adding complementary functionality to our technology and expanding our delivery and system integration capabilities.

John Brisco
CEO & Co-founder Coherent

Collaboration starts with a conversation. Get in touch and let’s start talking.