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Our strategic partners

Our partners choose Coherent to accelerate the pace of digital transformation. Our business logic platform, Coherent Spark, combined with your expertise and goals make a winning combination. Together we can bring speed, agility and resilience to financial services companies around the world.

Our partners include:

  • Marketplaces – cloud-based software exchanges for easy access
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) – top companies like Unqork and Salesforce count on our logic engine
  • Systems Integrators – global consulting firms trust our technology and expertise
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Why partner with us?

  • Our logic management technology can help accelerate your business goals
  • Our platform is built with deep insights from financial services experts
  • We have come from the client companies that you serve, so we understand their pain points and how to solve them
  • Our partners have seen significant business benefits since they started implementing Coherent Spark
  • We’re trusted by some of the best-known companies in the world
  • We listen closely and continually innovate to keep you ahead

See how we’re unlocking value with our partners

No-code technology synergies

Coherent fuses it’s logic and rules engine with US-based no-code platform leader Unqork.

Augmenting industry expertise

The data-driven US retirement business relies on complex logic, rules and models. Coherent and Enterprise Iron are working together to shape the future of the retirement industry.

Ecosystems built and connected with ease

Our logic management platform, Coherent Spark, connects to Salesforce to transform how retirement plans are priced and distributed.

See how we can work together

We’re always looking for new partners who are ready to help us transform the financial services industry.

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