Convert complex logic to API services in seconds

Spark is a cloud-based logic engine that converts complex business logic from Excel models into API services. Fast, rigorous and intuitive, Spark takes you from spreadsheet logic to cloud APIs in less than 10 seconds. The result is lower production costs, maximum data integrity and rapid routes to market.

With Spark, Coherent has evolved the concept of the business rules and calculations engine to create game-changing technology for the age of agile working and continuous integration and deployment. Licensed on a pay-per-API basis, Spark is a flexible way to bring rapid logic development into your operations.

Ignite possibilities with Spark

Whether you’re developing products, managing updates or launching new applications; Spark is the secret to effective collaboration between development and business teams. Spark is also the proprietary technology that powers our suite of platforms.

Lightning-fast processing
Develop rules and logic in Excel, drag and drop them into Spark, and the engine converts them to cloud APIs in less than 10 seconds. Spark’s speed and power means fewer demands on IT development and faster production cycles. Development cycles that used to take months can now happen in days.

User-friendly functionality
With Spark, you don’t have to be a developer to implement complex business logic. The engine’s intuitive management console empowers product managers, actuaries, quantitative modelers/analysts, underwriters, model governance and risk management teams to build, launch, test and update logic-rich calculation engines and applications. A few hours of training is all it takes to start using Spark.

Greater stability and continuity
Spark’s robust testing workbench builds quality into the development process, so IT development teams can spend less time iterating on defects and more time on other priorities. With every rule and change automatically tracked and dated, Spark provides continuous documentation for easier auditing.

Spark’s leading-edge features

Platform agnostic

Modern APIs and security features integrate with cloud-based CRMs, no-code / low-code platforms and custom-built apps. Connectors and SDKs enable Spark to work with legacy and native apps and mainframe systems.

Scalable across platforms and geographies

Start with a single API to build, test and launch a service, or deploy Spark enterprise-wide to apply logic updates across multiple business and IT functions and geographies.

Coherent Core

Flexible deployment options

Spark is supported by world-class architecture and offers multiple deployment options: on-premise, on cloud or on mobile (online and offline).

Supports every rule and logic type

From straightforward lookup tables to stochastic modelling, Spark supports all forms and types of product, business and procedural rules.

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