Empower your customers with dynamic illustrations, quotations and financial need simulations

With Coherent Explainer, it’s easy to give customers quotes, illustrations and advice they find insightful and engaging. Based on clean, appealing interfaces, Explainer helps agents provide a personalised sales experience, even when they’re not face-to-face. 

At an entry level, you can use Explainer to design and share eye-catching quotes. The Coherent team can also provide customisation support to help you build sophisticated online tools that help customers explore complex, long-term scenarios.

Bring your quotes to life

Give customers interactive illustrations to help them make the right choice.

Coherent Quick Quote Animation

  • Tailored to customer needs

    No more generic tables and case studies. Every quote and illustration is personalised.

  • Facilitate sales conversations

    Up-sell or cross-sell added product benefits such as riders and top-ups seamlessly without feedback delay.

  • Interactive features to drive clarity

    Interactive graphs and charts make it easy for customers to understand their coverage options and make an informed choice.

  • Enable agents to give quotes on the go

    Mobile-first web application empowers busy agents on the move.

  • Simulate complex scenarios to educate customers

    Help agents explain complex products and provide planning advice by visualising multiple scenarios and outcomes.

Discover the perfect partners for Coherent Explainer

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    Transform your remote sales experiences with Coherent Flow, the simple way to design and operate customer-friendly application forms. With auto-underwriting and e-signatures, Flow turbo-charges your virtual sales process.

  • Coherent Sonic

    The smart policy management system for complete process automation. From issuance and billing to collections and claims, Coherent Sonic automates and optimises every aspect of policy management.

  • Coherent Connect

    The smart way to interact with prospects and customers, Coherent Connect makes it easy for marketers to send timely, targeted messages on social messaging platforms to drive customer acquisition and deeper levels of engagement.

The ability to create illustrations in Explainer helps capture a customer’s interest when they’re ready to buy.

Andrew Wylde
Head of Commercial, Northeast Asia, Coherent

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