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Dynamic sales enablement for financial services
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Meet Coherent Explainer

Coherent Explainer brings quotes, illustrations, scenarios and actionable advice to life so your sales team can deliver an informative, personalized sales experience – both virtually and in person.

Explainer is powered by our core technology Coherent Spark, and can take your existing, complex sales and quotation models and transform them into configurable web applications. Built with flexibility in mind, Explainer can be customized by your business teams and your IT teams can extend it to create any visualization that is needed.

Empower your sales team

In financial services, strong and lasting relationships depend upon helping clients understand how products and services will meet their needs and objectives. That’s what Coherent Explainer does.

For example, an insurance agent can use Explainer to share eye-catching quotes or sales illustrations — or build sophisticated online tools that explore complex, long-term scenarios. We leverage our technology to build applications across the spectrum of financial products and services.

It takes just three easy steps. First, select an Explainer template and connect it to an Excel workbook. Second, upload your configurations to Coherent Spark. Finally, deploy the configured Explainer so your sales teams can share it with your customers. In minutes.

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Flexibility at your command

With Explainer, you can use the frontend directly, or download the source code to integrate more deeply, giving you maximum flexibility to create the most compelling story to share with prospects and clients.

Develop a frontend

Develop a frontend in minutes

Start with your business logic and easily configure your own applications that can be shared with clients.

Instant updates

Changing scenarios? No problem. With Explainer you can update your calculations and configurations right away, giving your sales representatives the most up to date details.

Instant update

Customizable templates

Use the templates we’ve developed, or create customized versions yourself or via partners.


Case study

Learn how SunLife used Coherent Explainer to help clarify retirement planning.

Ready to see how Explainer can work for you?

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