The fast and intuitive end-to-end selling platform

We’ve made the entire policy application process easier for your agents and customers. From designing application forms to completing them with customers online in real-time: Coherent Flow is an all-inclusive platform that transforms your digitalised sales processes.

Flow is powered by Spark, which automates the process of checking forms as they are completed and notifies errors in real time. The result is a significantly faster, smarter and simpler sales experience for agents and customers.

Remote selling made easy 

Agents and customers can co-browse and co-edit application forms side by side in real-time securely through OTP verification.

Coherent Flow Animation

Features spotlight

  • A personalised approach to remote sales

    Flow is rich in features to help brokers advise customers and close sales. Video chat brings personality to the process. Interactive markers and document uploads help advisors and customers work through application forms efficiently. E-signature functionality enables swift completion of contracts.

  • Build and update forms easily, no coding required

    Build and customise your application forms through a simple interface. When it’s time to re-order questions or entire pages, simply copy and paste, with every change logged and auditable.

  • Automated underwriting for faster case management

    Flow’s auto-underwriting allows for straight-through-processing by asking customers additional questions before application submission. Suitable cases are then fast-tracked through the process.

  • Easy to integrate

    Integrate with your existing infrastructure through simple API calls, enabling straight-through-processing

  • Seamless post-submission workflow

    After submission, next steps such as reviewing counter offers or requesting riders becomes easy and intuitive to complete

  • A flexible customer experience

    Enables non-linear form completion, allowing customers to jump between different stages of forms

  • Better case management

    Provides a dashboard view of all cases and makes it easy for managers to assign and reassign cases to agents

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  • Coherent Sonic

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  • Coherent Explainer

    There’s never been a quicker, more eye-catching way to present quotes and illustrate scenarios. With a host of interactive features, Coherent Explainer helps agents deliver an insightful, personalised sales experience – both online and in person.

Designing, deploying & completing application forms is quicker with Flow. Its flexibility helps you close sales faster.

Matthew Kirrane
Product Manager, Coherent

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