Coherent Pulse

A world of insurance industry data at your fingertips.

Meet Coherent Pulse

Coherent Pulse is your window onto the latest data from 30 Hong Kong-based insurers, drawing on 260+ Life, Medical and Retirement product types.

Using simple interactive features, Pulse helps you monitor trends and drill down into product comparisons. Use these insights to identify profitable opportunities and develop propositions at competitive price points, so you can get ahead of your competition.

It’s simple.

Instantly compare different insurance products. It’s never been easier to assess product features and benefits.

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Built with rigorous actuarial insight

Pulse is designed, managed and constantly updated by Coherent’s team of actuaries, who understand the insights insurers need to maintain their leading edge.

Identify unique selling points

Help your distribution teams sell with confidence by presenting your products’ key strengths in comparison to your competitors.

Instant analysis to mine insights

Simply choose the insurers, products and terms you want to compare, and Pulse instantly reveals rich data and insights

Build your business case

Identify gaps in the market and export Excel files of product and market information to help you build your case and present new, winning ideas

See how Pulse can work for you

Want to monitor trends, compare products and develop competitive propositions?

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