Drive new business and radically improve operational efficiency with the policy management platform of the future

Coherent Sonic is more than just an upgrade to your policy management systems. It’s an entirely new way to operate your business. Agile, scalable, efficient; Sonic is supercharged with features to help you thrive in a competitive market.

Powered by our Spark technology, Sonic makes it easy to implement new General Insurance, Life and Health products, and to manage existing products. Built on a microservices architecture for full flexibility, you can operate Sonic with legacy systems or independently. And by automating key processes – from issuance and billing to collections and claims – Sonic drives holistic cost benefits that open up commercial possibilities. New products and propositions become viable, helping you address a wider share of the market.

Features spotlight

  • Your path to straight-through processing

    Sonic enables a streamlined, simplified and secure world of straight-through processing. With virtually all back-end operations automated, manual processing becomes the exception rather than the rule.

  • Integrated customer communications

    It’s easy to connect Sonic to your communication channels, driving further operational efficiencies. Configure policies to trigger communications through simple API calls and streamline key processes including renewals and claims.

  • Modern data management options

    Coherent Sonic supports multiple options for data management, policy records, encryption and permissions including distributed ledgers and traditional relational database management as a system of record.

  • Generate and manage policies

    Make an API call to generate a policy. Create rules to achieve highest rate of straight-through processing. Automatically reconcile records with legacy systems.

  • Record transactions and automatically write to general ledger

    Coherent Sonic can be built on a distributed ledger or a relational database. It excels at managing multiple transactions over the lifetime of the policy.

  • Instantly backdated adjustments

    Make changes to a transaction and the calculating adjustments happen automatically.

Discover the perfect partners for Coherent Sonic

  • Coherent Flow

    Transform your remote sales experiences with Coherent Flow, the simple way to design and operate customer-friendly application forms. With auto-underwriting and e-signatures, Flow turbo-charges your virtual sales process.

  • Coherent Explainer

    There’s never been a quicker, more eye-catching way to present quotes and illustrate scenarios. With a host of interactive features, Coherent Explainer helps agents deliver an insightful, personalised sales experience – both online and in person.

  • Coherent Connect

    The smart way to interact with prospects and customers, Coherent Connect makes it easy for marketers to send timely, targeted messages on social messaging platforms to drive customer acquisition and deeper levels of engagement.

Sonic is the next generation of policy management, creating opportunities for insurers to explore new business models.

Danny Ellwood,
Head of Product Innovation, Coherent

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